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Practitioner of Divorce & Family Law

When a divorce is imminent, one of the best things you can do for your family is find an attorney that is compassionate to your situation and conscious of what is at stake in a divorce not only financially, but emotionally for you and for your children, if you have them. In most situations, a good divorce attorney is not the attorney who will listen to what has happened raise their sword ready to fight in court to right the wrongs you have experienced. In most cases, the best divorce attorney will work with you to manage your anger at the situation and will then work with you to uncover your true interests and work towards meeting those interests with the least amount of conflict.


General Legal Services

Case analysis – I am not sure how to proceed or what is reasonable in terms of settlement.  Should I litigate or should I compromise?

Brief advice – Often, parties engaged in a family law matter have specific limited questions and need some guidance. Our office will schedule a time to speak with you, either on the telephone or by zoom, to review your limited questions and assist you in moving forward in a way that will best serve your particular interests.

Discovery Review – I have a pile of documents now what?

Document preparation –Financial statements, motions, discovery requests, pre-trial memos, subpoenas, discovery requests, agreements


Divorce Services

Often individuals are unsure where to begin with the divorce process: to assist, we will meet with you for an initial coaching session of up to 90 minutes. During this initial coaching session, we will hear about your specific circumstances and will review the issues you expect to arise in your divorce matter. We will review your interests and where you wish to be at the end of the process. We will identify a reasonable range of outcomes. Finally, we will review the various methods by which you can meet your interests and move to the conclusion of your divorce matter and the timelines and costs associated with each. We will offer you any additional services our firm may be able to offer or we will refer you to additional trusted resources and professionals best equipped to meet your interests and assist you in reaching your goals in the most efficient and professional manner.

Initial Assessment


Often as you navigate your way through the divorce process, whether on your own or represented by counsel, you need advice, you need to check yourself and your thoughts, you need a fresh look or a fresh perspective. Our hourly consulting service gives you an opportunity to get the benefit of our decades of experience in matters involving family relationships and how to move forward.
Often at an initial divorce coaching session it is clear that the divorce matter can be resolved with little or no animosity. When these situations appear, we provide representation for you in preparing the documents necessary to obtain an uncontested divorce, we provide legal advice to you in identifying your interests and the outcome that best meets your interests, we provide advice and assistance in completing your financial disclosures and for obtaining financial disclosures from your spouse, we provide guidance through the court process, including accompanying you to your final divorce hearing, if you desire. Finally, we present the final divorce packet to your spouse and, if requested, provide referrals for a trusted divorce professional to review the packet and provide individual advice and representation to your spouse at a reasonable cost.

Uncontested Divorce Packet

Uncontested Divorce Packages

Includes 1-2 hours of consultation, filing fee, instructions for court hearing, on call service on day of court hearing, divorce packet (affidavits, petition etc.), advice and assistance with financial statement, preparation of separation agreement, advice about negotiation with other party. Additional services are available, including attendance at divorce hearing.

Packages include up to one hour of assistance with completion of your financial statement (additional hours available at an additional cost)

Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns. Divorce coaches have different professional backgrounds and are selected based on the specific needs of the clients. While we are trained attorneys, our divorce coaching service does not include any substantive legal advice and therefore your can work with us in conjunction with your current divorce attorney to assist and guide you through the divorce process. Our divorce coaching service includes necessary referrals to other professionals who can best assist you in meeting your goals. This assures you that you are being guided through the process in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce Mediation

Our experienced, trained divorce mediators will meet with you and your spouse/significant other for up to 30 minutes, free of charge, to determine what circumstances will make mediation work best for you. We will evaluate the issues presented and the parties’ willingness to engage cooperatively with one another to reach a negotiated result. If it is determined that mediation is right for you, we will schedule the first mediation session. Each mediation session is scheduled for 2 hours and we work on a “pay as you go” basis. You will often be assigned homework in between mediation sessions to ensure the best result for all involved.

Our office is experienced with Probate Mediation and Adult Family Mediation. Often, when a family experiences the death or incapacity of a family member, conflicts can arise. Our office can provide assistance in communicating to make decisions and take the steps necessary to avoid significant conflict and keep families intact.

Post-Divorce Mediation

Mediation Support

In mediation, it is important to enter the process with as much information as possible. Often, following our initial divorce coaching session, when a party engages in mediation (with one of our trusted referrals or with another mediator) it can be extremely helpful and efficient for a party to have an on-call source for asking questions, working through ideas, getting legal advice with regard to reasonable ranges of outcomes or compromises. Our mediation support service is an ideal way to expedite your divorce matter and to arrive at a sensible divorce result.

Massachusetts divorce courts allow limited assistance representation. This representation can range from brief advice, document preparation, preparation of court pleadings, assistance with discovery, assistance with financial statement completion, attendance at settlement conferences and attendance at Court hearings. With limited assistance representation you can pick and choose the parts of your divorce or custody matter that you need help with. You can have access to an experienced attorney for a fraction of the cost of full representation. You can have the benefit of a trusted referral source for financial matters, appraisals, and other discovery.

Limited Assistance Representation