Want to work with Attorney Barnes?

Our Process:

Case Analysis/Consultation

Our office will schedule a time to speak with you, either on the telephone or by zoom, to conduct an in depth consultation and review your questions regarding the process and a range of outcomes.  We will then develop a plan to assist you in moving forward in the way that will best serve
your particular interests.

Virtual Meetings:

All of our services, including mediation, brief advice, and consultation, are provided through the use of telephone, electronic or virtual meetings.

Collaborative divorce

In many cases a party does not want to “go it alone” and wishes to have legal representation throughout the divorce process. For these clients we offer collaborative divorce representation. In a collaborative divorce, both parties are represented throughout the process by a trained collaborative divorce attorney. Your attorney will represent your interests, while working cooperatively with your spouse’s attorney and other neutral professionals to reach an outcome that meets the needs of both parties. Your attorney will work with you closely to identify your interests and will work as a team with the other attorney and chosen professionals to reach an outcome that will best meet your interests and the interests of your spouse. The goal of the collaborative process is to reach a negotiated agreement through the use of cooperation, understanding, communication and compromise.

Limited assistance services

Our firm provides limited assistance representation.  This means that you can pick and choose what services you want the attorney to assist you with.  We can draft pleadings, review paperwork, assist with completing paperwork, assist with obtaining documents from the other party and more.  If court intervention is unavoidable, our firm will analyze your options and determine the best next step, which may include representing you in court proceedings or referrals to a litigation firm.