Attorney Shannon Barnes

Practitioner of Divorce & Family Law

Attorney Barnes has been representing clients in divorce and other family law matters since 1997. Her practice is concentrated in sensible divorce alternatives such as collaborative divorce, divorce mediation and direct negotiation to reach a fair resolution of all issues while preserving personal relationships for long term well being.

With a focus on divorce and other family law matters, Attorney Barnes is a trained Collaborative Divorce attorney and a certified mediator. Her mediation practice focuses on all family issues, including divorce, custody, post divorce matters, open adoption and adult family/ estate issues.

Attorney Barnes is committed to working with clients to  maintain civility throughout the divorce process.  Attorney Barnes assists clients in reaching sensible resolutions to their divorce and other family law cases. She strongly believes that family disputes should not be resolved in courtrooms. In addition to her mediation and collaborative law practice, Shannon also provides Limited Assistance Representation and serves as a Probate and Family Court Guardian ad Litem and court connected conciliator.

Attorney Barnes serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Northeast Legal Aid with offices in Lawrence, Lynn and Lowell, and is a member of the Board of Managers for Northeast Justice Center serving Essex and Middlesex County. She is a past board member for North Shore Community Mediation Center and in addition to her private mediation practice, serves on their panel of family law mediators.

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