We help guide divorcing couples and separated families through the process in a way that reduces conflict and ensures the best solutions for all.

Why the Sensible Divorce?

Attorney Shannon Barnes has over two decades in practicing divorce and family law as well as extensive experience in divorce negotiation and litigation. She is also highly experienced in handling post-divorce and other family law matters.  This background allows Attorney Barnes to work with clients to resolve their cases in a sensible way.

Divorce is challenging emotionally. Your divorce professionals should make the process easy to navigate. Your divorce professional should be your advisor. They should help guide you in making decisions based upon your interests, they should not make the process harder.
Your divorce professional should guide you in the process that will lead to the LEAST conflict, not the most conflict.

Your divorce professional should guide you in the process that will be the most cost effective for your family.  Also, the divorce professional should advise you in the emotional costs associated with various choices, both to you, your children, and your extended family members and trusted friends.

We offer a variety of options to make your divorce as sensible and painless as possible. In addition, we will work cooperatively with trusted advisors to brainstorm outcomes that will be acceptable to both parties.